We are saving huge on commissions charged by other delivery platforms. With Liquor Engine, we have gotten our own website that we fully control at a much lower cost.
Hitesh Pandya, Sevenhills Liquors
We have been able to launch our own liquor delivery e-commerce website with Liquor Engine. Their support is available in Gujarati and English.
Prashant Patel, Nortons Liquors
Our customers have always asked us about delivery and now we can finally tell them "We Deliver" on our own website.
Arvind Patel, VillageMiniMart Liquors
The best part for us is that our POS is synced to our website for products and inventory. We did not have to do any product data entry.
Anil Patel, Peadbody Liquors
The Liquor Engine team helped us with all of our 8 stores websites. Their team also helps with marketing and promotions to grow store sales.
Rashmi Patel, Ocean Bluff

Step 4: Choose your settings and customizations

What will happen in this step?

  • In this step, we will assist you in selecting the right options in the admin settings panel of your website.
  • We will also assist you in opening a payment gateway, third-party delivery service, and Google Maps account.

What you will do?

  • Create admin, manage, and delivery driver users.
  • Select Pickup only or Delivery only or Both.
  • Select minimum order amount.
  • Set delivery area.
  • Set delivery fees by distance.
  • Open an online payment gateway account to accept credit cards on the website. You will receive 100% of funds from all orders directly to your bank account.
  • Open a third party account with Postmates or Doordash to use their delivery services. On any order, you can request to call the driver and they will do delivery from your store to the customer’s address.
  • Open Google Maps API account which will be used on the website to calculate distance and to autofill addresses.

**Note: Not all states in the USA allow to use of third-party delivery services to do alcohol delivery on your belaf. Contact us to discuss more.